Artist Statement

Tay Cha is a Korean born artist whose work comprises drawings, paintings, prints, collage and comic art. Cha is inspired by underground subcultures such as skateboarding and graffiti. His work showcases characters and their environments, often treading the line between humorous and serious and real to imaginary.

His work is often playful: Dinosaurs, aliens and fanciful creatures soar through the air battling their enemies or lending guidance and support to their friends. The demons and gentle creatures in his work are often avatars of himself from a variety of perspectives. Cha is influenced by the works of Jean-Michel Basquiat, Raymond Pettibon and Keith Herring, among many others.

In Cha's work he examines masculinity and the growing-up process, from boyhood to adulthood. His work reflects his experiences and interactions with the world around him—including popular culture, history, society and literature—filtered through the prism of his experiences.

In 2010 Cha graduated with an MFA from The University of Pennsylvania. There he received The Lawrence Shprintz Master of Fine Arts Award given to a student for outstanding performance in any medium. Cha has exhibited in solo and group shows in Ohio, Philadelphia, Arizona and New York. His most recent participation was a group show in January, 2019 entitled "What You Take With You," at the Ceres Gallery, in New York City.

Cha grew up on Long Island, New York, and he currently works and lives in his Hudson Valley studio.